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Virtual Tours and Inspections.. What to expect?

Lets start with virtual tours. What are they? Is it something you should be considering to help with the sale of your home? Matterport is a powerful 3D data platform that allows us to change a space into an accurate, immersive experience. We use matterport tours to show our clients a 3D view of a home online. The client can take their time and "walk" through the property at their own pace from the comfort of their home.

CM Realty uses this program so that our clients have the ability to view a property online prior to any face-to-face contact during this unprecedented time. This is beneficial to both vendors and purchasers as it makes selling or purchasing during COVID-19 a simpler experience. After a purchaser has viewed the virtual tour, we will then make an appointment to take the clients through the home in real life provided that they are still interested in the property. By following this process, it allows our sales agents to source serious buyers to take to the vendors for a successful sale.

Like anything, there are pros and cons of using virtual tours. The cost can influence the decision especially if the vendor cuts out other means of advertising. This is because although in this day and age most of us are online, there is still a small market where digital tools may not reach. This is only a minor con in the scheme of things. Plus there are numerous pros to using virtual tours and inspections to assist in the advertising of your home. For some, the cost may be justified by the quality and reach potential that the tour has. Matterport links are so simple to use and do not require any special programs to use. It allows for serious buyers to have an idea of what to expect before meeting a Sales Agent and gives buyers an opportunity to gather information and think about any questions before viewing the home in person. It is also an alternative way of advertising that has not yet become the “norm” so it is at an exciting, new stage in the Real Estate world and from what we can see, technological capabilities can only improve from here.

Our business is excited to be embracing new technology and we wish to use it to the best standard we can. We would like to hear what you think about Virtual Tours and Inspections. Is it a good idea? Is it something that you would like to use to assist in the sale of your home? We want your feedback!

Here is an example of a recent Virtual Property Tour -

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Fantastic way to get a feel for the property. It is a lot harder to gage space in a property just of a photo.

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