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Looking for a new home? Why not register your interest to purchase?

How many hours do you think you spend watching the real estate market and social pages to find your next home?

For most people the answer to this question is in the hundreds of hours, sometimes it’s finding what you want then finding it’s already sold. You might find yourself thinking how does that happen so quickly?

As Estate Agents we watch the market very closely, often in and out of or Domain checking on what’s sold, come to market or comparable to a property that we are about to list. Why not as a purchaser use this to your advantage?

Agents meet dozens of people in short amounts of time, and a good agent will want to know what you are looking for to see if they can help match you to a home they may appraise in the future.

Selling off the market is more common than most people think. Our agency over the last two months has only seen 2 of the 9 sold come to market. All off market sales reached the vendors asking price and have all been successful sales for both purchaser and vendor. It saves time, money and advertising fees for both purchaser and vendor.

Registering what you want in a property can also help an agent find it for you. The days of knocking on a vendors door and asking if they would like to sell still works in our market.

Let your agent know what you are looking for in a property, the land size, style of home, location, bedrooms, out buildings and you never know what they may be able to find you.

We hear a lot recently from purchasers who have been the unsuccessful bidder from a previously marketed property and have found that once they let us know what they were looking for we were able to find it. Agent relationships are not only with the vendor but also the purchasers and their needs as without purchasers agents wouldn’t be able to sell the homes they have listed.

Our recent sales have shown that registering your interest could be the difference between finding and buying your dream home or waiting on a long search for it to come up.

You never know what may be on the market off the market- being on a buyers register may be the best thing you do in your search for a new home.


40 Pollack Street, Colac

185 Browns Lane, Cororooke

825 Nalangil Road, Corrunnan

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